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06/05/03 - News and Links update

HKL - Bruce Lee anniversary releases (unconfirmed) to commemorate the 30th anniversary of his death (20th July 2003):

Way of the Dragon (Platinum Edition)

Bruce Lee 6 DVD Box Set (Big Boss, Way of the Dragon, Fist of Fury, Game of Death, Game of Death Special Features, plus further Special Features disc)


New aspiring martial arts actor Dean Alexandrou has his own website with news and video downloads for viewing -

Check out - for a general resource for movies, news and communities on the web. This also includes a section on Asian cinema

HKCinemagic is one of the leading websites (available in both French and English) on Hong Kong cinema providing exclusive articles and interviews as well as an extensive gallery -

25/04/03 - Sony pictures site for the May launch of Once a Thief

Link to preview on Jet Li's new project: Danny the Dog

Martial Arts Sale at - click here

Asia Extreme DVD sale at - click here

21/04/03 - Four reviews added!!!

Shaw Brothers remake of 1972's Boxer from Shantung
Another offering from Chang Cheh and his Venoms
A look at an early Chor Yuen release by Celestial
Lam Ching Ying fights Vampires in this horror comedy

18/04/03 - Fox to distribute Hong Kong Legends titles in the US (Region 1 NTSC)

Fox Home Entertainment has announced that they are bringing to the US the 'Hong Kong Legends' DVD Line - considered by most to be the definitive versions of some of the top Hong Kong DVDs with superior transfers and plentiful extras. The first wave of Hong Kong Legends DVDs are set to be released on July 22nd and include: Magnificent Butcher (directed by Yuen Woo-ping of The Matrix and Iron Monkey Fame) , Naked Killer [Trailer] , Magnificent Warriors (with Crouching Tiger's Michelle Yeoh), Hong Kong 1941 with Chow Yun-Fat, and City Hunter [Trailer] with Jackie Chan. All the Hong Kong Legend DVDs are presented with new anamorphic widescreen transfers and Cantonese 5.1 Dolby Digital with optional English Audio and subtitles. To make good news even better, Fox has set the MSRP on these titles at $14.98 so you should be able to get them online for just over $11 each!

Hong Kong Legends continue to get more star interviews for their extras packed discs, including Yuen Cheung-yan, Gordon Liu and Leung Kar-Yan (again!)

Plus First Option and Tiger on the Beat have been announced as future releases

17/04/03 - Some new links for surfers

New forums on Hong Kong Legends and Miramax / Disney from Scott

New martial arts homepage for John Foo (videos and info)

04/04/03 - Miramax have managed to acquire the rights for the Shaw Brothers library for US release. Read more in the Shaw Brothers section.

Leslie Cheung Funeral condolence book -

Obituary at

01/04/03 - LESLIE CHEUNG RIP (age 46)

Associated Press Newswires
Copyright 2003. The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.

HONG KONG (AP) - Hong Kong pop star and actor Leslie Cheung leapt to his death from a five-star hotel here on Tuesday, local television stations and radio reported. Cheung, known locally as Cheung Kwok-wing, plunged to his death from a building in Hong Kong's Central District, radio RTHK reported on its Web site. Two Hong Kong television stations carried the same report. Police declined to provide a full identity but said a man surnamed Cheung, whose given name included "wing," leapt from a hotel room in the Mandarin Oriental, a luxury property in Hong Kong's Central district. Cheung was certified dead at 7:06 p.m. (1106 GMT) after arriving at Queen Mary Hospital, police said.

A suicide note was found on the body, police spokeswoman Catherine Chiu said. The 46-year-old Cheung rose to fame as a singer in the 1980s with a bad-boy image and followed up with a distinguished film career. One of few Chinese stars to portray openly gay characters, Cheung starred in the Oscar-nominated "Farewell My Concubine," in which he portrayed a homosexual Chinese opera singer who falls in love with a fellow performer. Cheung also played a Hong Kong man who moved to Argentina with his male lover in Wong Kar-wai's "Happy Together." He also appeared in other Wong films, including "Days of Being Wild" and "Ashes of Time." Mandarin Oriental confirmed a body was found in front of the hotel early Tuesday evening but declined further comment. "The matter is currently in the hands of the police," general manager Peter Lowe told The Associated Press by phone.

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